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It’s the mission of The History Coach to share incredible stories from the past that can inspire us all today. We aim to combine these amazing examples of human achievement with modern day coaching and conversation to really get young people thinking about their own possibilities.

Find out about, among others:

  • Nicholas Alkemade who fell 18,000 ft without a parachute and miraculously survived…
  • Bessie Coleman who, despite being a black woman in the 1920s, pursued her dream of becoming a pilot…
  • Douglas Bader, a double amputee who went on to fight as a Battle of Britain pilot in WWII…


Each month sees a new module introduced as we cover such subjects as action, resilience, strengths, empathy, confidence and much more!

We share weekly tales from an incredible generation and then back this up with practical and implementable techniques that can propel them forward in their own lives.

Squadron Leader Victor Ekins MBE DFC

Prepare to
be inspired!

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