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Inspiring young people to believe in a life of possibility by sharing incredible stories from the past.

As the voices of the Second World War generation get quieter and their exploits are consigned to a heroic chapter in history, it’s more important than ever before that their stories are heard.

The Tally Ho Project is committed to sharing real life lessons from The Battle of Britain far and wide in our Primary school talks, ‘Rise to the Challenge’. We’re also passionate about sharing the wider story of the many incredible folk who lived through World War 2 in our Secondary school talks, ‘Onwards and Upwards’.   

These true stories offer such a great example to a generation of young people who face many challenges of their own, and who have grown up in the shadow of a pandemic with the potential of an environmental crisis looming large on their horizons. 



First Officer Amy Johnson

Our young people will be the leaders of tomorrow and we have every faith in them, but perhaps they’re in need of a little extra support right now and that is what we aim to give.

After a lifetime of research and hundreds of hours of conversations with the remarkable people involved, we have identified the qualities of duty, unity, courage, resilience, and action as key to their positive mindset. The Tally Ho Project CIC truly believes that these simple values can be used to inspire our children to live a life full of possibility.

We will keep the memory of this incredible generation alive for years to come whilst also offering a great example to the children of today. With all of the challenges and pressures that they face, who better to guide them through and shine a light on the path ahead than a generation who lived through some of the toughest times in history?

Find out more about our talks in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools and about The History Coach on YouTube.

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'A Great watch...
it makes history
come alive.'

Vicki Walker

‘A beacon of hope and
inspiration for the new
generation growing up
in today’s complex

Danielle Bridge
Tuskegee Airmen

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