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Talks for
Secondary Schools

The ‘Onwards and Upwards’ talks by The History Coach offer your students the chance to tap into the wisdom of some incredible role models from the past. Only ever promoting humanity and never war, these fact-filled, diverse and inspiring talks share the story of five individuals who lived through World War Two and learnt so much about getting through the toughest of times.
Our fully qualified team of coaches will guide your students through the key factors that enabled these inspiring people from history to rise to the many challenges that confronted them during those turbulent years. We use storytelling as a way of opening the discussion around such subjects as vision, celebrating your own strengths, resilience, confidence and empathy. All of this is powered by the belief that positive action can take you anywhere you want to go.

In a complex world that’s evolving at a lightning pace we feel that these positive examples can inspire a generation who have grown up in the shadow of a pandemic to connect with their own inner strength, believe in themselves and in a life full of possibility.

'It's easier to
build Strong Children
than to repair
broken adults.'

Frederick Douglas

What to expect on the day

We start a memorable day with an assembly designed to make a big impact. Combining history and coaching to great effect, we share these timeless examples of human achievement.

This is followed up by the ‘Tally Ho Meet Up’ where your students will get the chance to join us and explore these values a little deeper. This is a relaxed ‘open door’ session hosted during lunch where we create a safe space to talk about all things history and coaching.

Taking positive action is at the heart of everything we do and this is reflected in the coaching resources on offer that will benefit your students. The ‘Onwards and Upwards’ talks are designed to encourage the youngsters to take their next positive, achievable step.

At a stage in their lives when your students are experiencing relentless change and personal discovery, our historical role models provide real guidance and a positive influence during what can be an otherwise uncertain time.

Flight Lieutenant, Bill Green
We follow up the impact made during the ‘Onwards and Upwards’ talks by offering a six-week coaching course for up to ten of your students. Powered by The Student Breakthrough our ground-breaking coaching programme is based around the belief that small and positive action steps can take you anywhere that you want to go.

We aim to revolutionise emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations. Using the power of active listening and the belief that your students have many of the answers within, we help them to dream about their future success, to believe in themselves and to celebrate their own unique strengths. Each week they will set themselves small, positive action steps that can take them anywhere they want to go.
I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels stuck and needs that push to become the best version of themselves.speech-2

Jordan, Aged 18

Free resource for schools

To further support the work we do within Primary education we are proud to be able to offer a copy of our newly released book ‘Rise to the Challenge’ FREE to your school. It’s our mission to have a copy in every school library for your children to enjoy.

Please email for more details or go to Rise to The Challenge: Life-changing lessons from the Battle of Britain Generation : Books for extra copies.

We want to connect
Children with history
and use it as a tool to
change the way they
think about themselves.

The History Coach -
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It’s the mission of The History Coach to share incredible stories from the past that can inspire us all today. We aim to combine these amazing examples of human achievement with modern day coaching and conversation to really get young people thinking about their own possibilities.

Each month sees a new module introduced as we cover such subjects as action, resilience, strengths, empathy, confidence and much more! We share weekly tales from an incredible generation and then back this up with practical and implementable techniques that can propel them forward in their own lives.

Prepare to
Be inspired!

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