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Our ‘Rise to the Challenge’ talks inspire primary school age children to create better futures for themselves by sharing incredible stories from a huge turning point in British history – The Battle of Britain. Only ever promoting humanity and not war, these fun, fact-filled and interactive talks combine both history and personal development to great effect as we focus on the values that enabled the wartime generation to rise to the many challenges that confronted them.
After a lifetime of research and hundreds of hours of conversation with the incredible people involved, we have identified duty, unity, courage, resilience and action as the timeless values that were key to their success. The Tally Ho Project CIC truly believes that these values can inspire our children to live a life full of possibility.

'The Children were
transfixed from
start to finish'

Sarah Poulton, Year 5 teacher

'I cannot
recommend David
from the Tally Ho project highly enough as a talented speaker and educator.'

Dan Patrick, Year 6 Teacher

What to expect on the day

We start a memorable day with an hour-long assembly full of stories that’s fully immersive and will wow your students! They’ll learn about some of the amazing people involved and will get the chance to tell the story with us by wearing and experiencing some of the original clothing and equipment from the era.

We maximise this initial impact by following up with smaller classroom sessions that give us the opportunity to discuss these core values in more depth. As fully qualified student coaches we give your students the opportunity to ask any questions before we really start to explore how this example from the past can positively impact us today. It’s a very relaxed session where we create a safe space for students to share their experiences as we talk about subjects such as comfort zones, personal strengths and values. This is history and coaching combined to make a big impact.

Noor Inayat Khan GC, SOE

What teachers
and students say

Having delivered these talks for over half a decade, we’re proud to share the following testimonials
The Tally Ho experience added a valuable ‘wow’ factor to our history curriculum with an additional link to values.

David spoke to the whole of key stage two (over 100 children) in assembly for nearly an hour. His energy, together with enthusiasm, knowledge and obvious passion for the subject, was evident from the beginning. The children were transfixed from start to finish. Using maps and artefacts, including dressing up (always popular!), they learnt about the main events which led up to the Battle of Britain and the different roles of those on the ground as well as the bravery of the pilots in the air.

Each class then had an individual visit from David where he encouraged the children to learn more about the men and women who risked everything during the war and to think about the values and attitudes which kept them going in very challenging circumstances. He explained that having courage, resilience and a sense of duty, is just as relevant today – over eighty years later. Pupils were then invited to think about the challenges that they are facing, especially in the current pandemic, and to share their thoughts. David’s calm manner and genuine interest quickly put them at ease, even those who normally find it difficult to speak about personal issues. This was a very memorable and valuable day which I would highly recommend, thank you!speech-2
Mrs S Poulton, Year 5 Teacher
Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you set for us. I learnt so much about myself from it. My favourite value is definitely courage because the people you talked about all had a bit of courage to get them out of their situation. I loved all the stories you told but in my opinion Bill Green’s was best.

Thank you so much for your time. I am so grateful.speech-2
Izzy C, Aged 11

Where do we work?

We are passionate about delivering this positive message far and wide and do not see distance as a barrier. To overcome the challenges of connecting in person, whether that be geographic or other restrictions, we’ve had great success in delivering these talks virtually. Wherever you are in the world, we want to connect.

Free resource for schools

To further support the work we do within Primary education we are proud to be able to offer a copy of our newly released book ‘Rise to the Challenge’ FREE to your school. It’s our mission to have a copy in every school library for your children to enjoy.

Please email for more details or go to Rise to The Challenge: Life-changing lessons from the Battle of Britain Generation : Books for extra copies.

We want to connect
Children with history
and use it as a tool to
change the way they
think about themselves.

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