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… and what exactly does ‘CIC’ mean?
We are a social enterprise with a genuine passion for people – past and present.

It’s our aim to inspire young people today, connecting them with their own inner strength and helping them to believe in a life full of possibility. We see the many positive role models that can be found in the past and have made it our mission to share their empowering stories far and wide so they can impact the lives of children now.

A CIC (Community Interest Company) is a special type of limited company that exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders.

We’re in the privileged position of being the bridge between two generations and our only goal is to keep their epic example alive for years to come by working with and inspiring children to rise to their own challenges.

David Duker, our founder, has been in the incredible position over the last two decades to have sat and chatted with many of the epic folk who lived through and overcame the enormous challenges they faced during The Second World War. He has heard first hand how the values that they stood for empowered them to rise to one of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced.

Time and again he has learned how ordinary folk like you and I were asked to step out of their comfort zones and achieve something extraordinary.

The question David asked himself back then in 2010, and still asks now, is quite simply this: ‘How did they do it?’.

His quest to understand ‘how’ has led to the project you see today.

Group Captain John Hemingway DFC

The Future
Is Bright

David has combined his love of history and passion for personal development to create an innovative series of programmes for schools and school-age children – both primary and secondary – that can make a huge difference to the next generation.
He was blessed to call Flt Lt Bill Green, who flew with 501 Squadron during the Battle of Britain, a friend and a mentor, and a man who played an important role in his life.
David Duker, Founder
My experiences over the last decade have literally changed my life. Living so closely with this generation and studying their story on a daily basis has really shone a light for me on the path ahead.

When I was experiencing my own personal ‘darkest hour’ I found all the answers I needed to take the next positive step using their example. I learnt the power of small, consistent action steps. Of how combining these steps with a clear vision can be a superpower that can take you anywhere you want to go. To never focus too closely on the destination but to concentrate on the journey – all of this combined with an inner desire to be of service to others.

This was the example that was set for me by an incredible generation of people, and I have made it my life’s work to share their message far and wide.

David Duker with Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC (pink), Squadron Leader Geoff Wellum DFC (orange) and Flight Lieutenant Bill Green (blue)

Duty. Unity
Courage. Resilience

Having identified the need to communicate this message with the next generation, David also quickly identified the need for a deeper understanding of the challenges young people today face. Living in a world that is evolving at a lightning pace and growing up in the shadow of a global pandemic, the negative influence of social media and the potential environmental crisis that is looming large on the horizon, he wanted to hear their stories.

As a result, David took the decision to study and qualify as an ICF accredited student coach and further his endeavours to make a positive difference.

Working with the incredible organisation Student Breakthrough he learnt the game-changing skills of active listening, powerful questioning and the ability to create a safe space in which a student can express, and not suppress, how they are feeling. It’s these skills that we now take into schools with us.

Our young people will be the leaders of tomorrow and we have every faith in them, but perhaps they’re in need of a little extra support right now and that is what we aim to give. Yes, they have their own challenges but through adversity can come strength and we firmly believe that bringing to life these positive examples from the past will only empower them.
David Duker with Flight Lieutenant Archie McInnes

Want to contribute to our work?

Your support can make a real difference to the next generation. We are so grateful to the community who have rallied around the project but the fact remains that we’re only at the start line. There is so much work to be done and we’d love you to join this most epic of teams.

From spreading the word to making a regular financial contribution, there are lots of ways you can support what we’re doing to help make children’s lives more positive.
David Duker with Flight Lieutenant Archie McInnes

Onwards and
Upwards Folks!

If you believe in our work and want to support this cause then please visit ways to support us page for more information on how you can get involved and join #teamtallyho

Please get in touch if you want to find out more about The Tally Ho Project.